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Headquartered in Mumbai, Edify Career, is an initiative taken by a team of recruiters who are working in recruitment field since April 2007. This immense experience in the field has helped us to understand the whole recruitment process in detail. In a recruitment process, two individual are very important- one is a recruiter and another is a job seeker. But except this one more thing which matters the most is knowledge of job seeker. So with Edify Career, we have created a platform which has brought all these three come together.

What we have for Recruiters and Job Seekers?

Edify Career is an online platform where recruiters and job seekers can register themselves in few simple steps. We primarily deal with the recruitment of engineering and technical personnel. For all the recruiters who are in process of hiring industrial, IT, engineering, energy spheres, and telecommunications specialist can take our help by signing up on our website. Job Seekers can also upload their resumes on our website and directly contact to recruiters.

But there is one thing which differentiates us from other online job portals is that, at Edify Career, we also impart industrial training in web designing, website development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click and other digital marketing techniques to job seekers who want enhance their knowledge and then help them in job placement as well.

Our Vision

To keep improving the quality of our recruitment and training services to become the most preferred choice of employers and employees globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality recruitment and training facilities to employers and employees while making these process painless and comfortable.

Our Values

• Leadership
• Collaboration
• Knowledge
• Quality
• Passion

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